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About – The Uncomplicate

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Hey there!

I’m Lisa Jones.

I’m a serial entrepreneur and E-commerce Expert, living the life of freedom running my brands from my laptop, and I’m obsessed with all things digital, e-com and automation!

I love to keep things real and if it’s a spade, I’ll tell you it’s a spade…!

I didn’t learn how to teach business strategies from a textbook…

In fact, I learnt how to build companies in the trenches, the hard way.

  • I’ve built 6 companies in the last 13 years. Two of them have been multi-million dollar product businesses that I’ve gone onto sell.

    My most successful business is Ecoriginals, the world’s most eco friendly baby nappy brand. I started that when my youngest was born, and it grew over the 7 years I owned it to win a Telstra Business Award, be voted Australia’s “highest rated nappy brand” by consumers, and turn over $2m in revenue through subscription sales on our website.

  • However, back to my time in the trenches…

    7 years ago, I knew I needed a different way to run my company. I was close to a nervous breakdown, and wasn’t succeeding in any of my roles properly because I was so stressed and overwhelmed all the time.

    I set out to find a better way to balance building a business AND being a kind loving mum. I invested a lot of money into coaching programs with high level mentors around the world. I made immediate changes to my home life and how I ran my businesses.

    I realised that I needed support at home and in my business. I hired more stay at home mums and delegated some of my business processes to them. I hired a cleaner for home. I restructured my work week, so I only worked 30 hours a week and I stuck to it. I organised time out for me to sleep and rest and meditate and laugh with friends. I found a way to put myself first.

The Uncomplicate Lisa Laing
And guess what?

My business grew as a result, because I was more focussed!

My kids got better quality time with me. I felt happier.

After a year, I had 10 staff working from their homes around Australia, growing my brand. I was working only 15 hours each week, and my business grew to nearly $2m turnover. I had time each week to go horse riding (my hobby) and have lunch with girlfriends. I never missed a kids school event and didn't need after school care. We won a Telstra Business Award and my brand was voted Australia's highest rated nappy brand (even over Huggies!).

Two years ago I sold my brand to an investor, and I now spend my days helping other mums with ecommerce brands to scale up their businesses, and scale down their commitment to them.

Anyone can do this. It just takes one step towards the solution.

I'm so grateful for this journey I've been on, that I get to spend my days helping and supporting other women. You never know if you can do this too, if you don't try.

So much love, Lisa xx

My Mentors -

I’ve been fortunate in my E-commerce businesses to be mentored by:

Naomi Simson (Shark Tank, Red Balloon)
Carolyn Cresswell (Carman’s Kitchen)
Justin Dry (Vinomofo)
Justin Cameron (Surf Stitch)

My Awards -

Multi Award Winner including:

3 x Finalist Telstra Business Awards
1 x Winner Telstra Business Awards

My Qualifications -

Technical qualifications include:

Applied Science Degree, QLD University of Technology
Klaviyo Partner
Shopify Partner

My Charity Work -

Executive Board Member – Previous

Story Dogs Not for Profit Organisation

charity work and Founder – Two years

“Bangalow Adopts Bingara” - drought relief raised more than $120,000 and sent 24 semi-trailers west and over 800 grocery hampers.

Business Mentor

Sourdough Business Pathways Not for Profit Organisation