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3 Essential Steps to Increasing your Website Conversion Rate

Your product is great, you’ve spent a lot of time (and maybe money) on building your website.

You’re bringing in traffic through social media, SEO and maybe Facebook and Google ads.

But you aren’t hearing that ka-ching sound as often as you’d like.  So what gives?


We’re about to drop a little truth bomb, filled with love; If you aren’t consistently operating on a 3% conversion rate, your website needs help!

One of the main reasons websites fail to convert is that the customer doesn’t know if they can trust you – yet.

Here are three things you can do TODAY to start gaining trust and inching that conversion rate to over 3%; bringing you more sales, more profit, and the chance to scale your brand to where you want it to be.


1) Promote well-known payment gateways

Have you created trust by including well-known payment gateways like Afterpay and PayPal?

We recommend including their logos at the top of your website. This helps the buyer know right away that you are trustworthy and very unlikely to be scamming them of their hard-earned money.

You can also use things like a secure site icon, credit card icons or other emblems to show that you’re legit.



You can’t always pre-empt every question, and these days, people are very unlikely to reach out and ask.

Don’t risk losing sales because you don’t have an easy and quick way for them to get in touch and get their questions answered. Strike while they’re in the zone of buying from you.

Leave it too long to reply, and you risk losing them. Include a live chat fly in on your homepage.

There is fantastic software available to help you manage live chats from your mobile phone,

wherever you are.



An absolutely necessary part of building trust (and e-comm success) is reviews from customers. The easiest way to do this is a ‘reviews’ app that automates this process. At a minimum, have 3 selected written reviews on your homepage that you include into the design. This could be something like a slider or 3 tiles next to each other. Show off how much your product is loved!

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3 biggest problems for small eCommerce brands

You might not know this, but there’s lots of magical things that seem to happen when you consistently turn over $10k per month.

The problem is, as a small ecommerce brand, it can be a struggle to get to that $10k per month.

I’ve worked with SO many small businesses over the years, and it seems that there are three issues I encounter over and over again. These issues keep you stuck, and prevent you from scaling your brand into something more profitable.

The good news?  There are easy ways to get around these and reignite your passion for your business!

The three core reasons why small ecommerce mumpreneur brands fail to grow are:

  1. Your website isn’t converting
  2. You can’t afford ads
  3. You’re stuck in overwhelm

Let me jump in here quickly and break down each of these problems.

Your website isn’t converting 

Many small brands aren’t sure how to increase their conversion rate (and if you don’t know what your conversion rate is, you need to head over to your analytics and find out now!).

So many small brands have conversion rates under 2%, which is simply too low. It’s basically just leaving money on the table. This means that out of every 100 visitors to your site, less than 2 are converting to paying customers.

I’ve put together a list of 25 tips to improving your conversion rate, most of which you can action today to start improving your conversion rate immediately.

You can’t afford ads

When your business is making less than $10k a month, you don’t really have the “fat” available to be able afford ads.

What should you do? Increase organic traffic.

Most people immediately start crazily sharing updates on their social media page, thinking it will boost their organic reach and therefore their sales. Your social media page is a good start, but is generally a better tool for brand awareness than immediate sales.

You can, however, use social media to work with influencers and collaborators to promote your brand; I’m talking about people who genuinely LOVE your brand and will promote it for free in exchange for product.

Most people are sheep, meaning they want to buy what they see other people buying.  This is where the power of influencers and collaborators really comes in to play.

It’s also a good time to look at other free marketing, and really get creative.

Send press releases, look on platforms like Source Bottle and Press Loft for media opportunities, and enter business awards.

These will not only help with organic traffic, but having your site listed on established websites will help your search ranking on Google (SEO).

You’re stuck in overwhelm

When you’ve been working on your business for months (or years!) and not seeing big results, your passion can be worn down due to the daily grind.

I get it and I’ve been there; you have 50,000 things to do and 15 hats to wear. It’s overwhelming, and that 16th hat will be the one that makes them all fall off.

My best tip is to only have 5 things on your to do-list at any time.  This gives you focus, clarity, and motivation to tick things off your list.

Aim to block out some time (even if it’s just an hour or two a week) to work ON your business, not in it.  This might mean setting some goals and outlining your priorities for growth each week.

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