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You Owe it
to yourself
to Master
your Business.

You know that your business should be easier, more fulfilling.

You are tired of chasing your tail, exhausted by the grind.

You know you should be focussing on finding new income, but your days are chewed up with admin and staff questions and fires to put out.
Your back is against the wall – you can’t seem to find enough money every month but your turnover is high – where is all the money leaking out? You have ideas for new products but you can barely keep up with the business right now.

We provide life changing business mentoring to remove you from the daily grind inside your business, and into a position of steering the business from outside of it, where you can see much clearer.

We help you to uncomplicate your business, see through the clutter, use modern software systems and tools, to reorganise and redesign, to prepare your business for a growth spurt, to stabilise your income. We help you to see your business clearly.

We are the solution for business owners wanting something more from their business and life.


Stop working in the grind of your business. build it wisely instead.

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I'm Lisa Kylie

I'm an entrepreneur, mentor and business futurist, I have a burning desire to help you build the best business you could imagine.

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Lisa’s wisdom came at just the right time for me, when it was really tough getting the motivation to work in my business every day. Lisa and I worked one on one for a few months, she asked a thousand questions and shared a lot of information and resources. She helped me to put out fires inside my business and really repair my leaky boat! This lady doesn’t muck around, she gets in and gets it done. I loved how quickly I saw results in my business and turned things around. On top of all that she is a great listener and has a very balanced sense of wisdom.
Through working with her I’ve been able to steer my ship in the direction I really wanted to go (instead of following outdated ideas from when I first started the business 10 years ago). I now enjoy more free time and less stress due to decreasing my expenses and increasing my own salary! I feel inspired, creative and on purpose again.

Meghan Kurts-Forrester – CEO Evohe Natural Skin Care


Lisa is the woman I’ve been waiting for. I haven’t taken up a mentor or coach for a few years now as I just haven’t felt that spark of what I really needed. Lisa is switched on emotionally and spiritually and she has a wealth of knowledge, amazing mentors herself and the business success that backs it all up. Most coaches have only 1 or 2 of those things but not all of them. I immediately feel more clear and inspired after one session with her and am so excited to have her on my side supporting me in what I do.

Vanessa Florence – Founder Dancing Eros


Lisa is an inspirational and passionate entrepreneur and speaker, who engages her audience using a mix of enthusiasm, experience and her own personal story. Lisa dares people to dream big, design and live ‘their’ life & set their own rules. She also provides practical advice on working smarter through the use of systems, tools and processes & gives practical advice & guidance on how others can implement the same in their businesses. She has wisdom beyond her years on business, life and spirit!

Melanie Colling – Faciliator Ilab Accelerator Programs