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How To Get Off The Mummy Juggle Struggle Forever!

Doing the juggle all day? Feeling exhausted? Here are my TOP THREE TIPS to avoid the juggle struggle!

Hands up if you feel like every day is a juggle. Between kids, pets, husbands, work commitments, staff or stock or whatever is your particular flavour.

Yawn! Are you tired even thinking about it?!

Juggle jugglejuggle all day long.

Then you get home and you have to juggle the household! Homework, the dog throws up, what’s for dinner mum. All you want to do is sit in the corner and cry.

I have a LOT of tips to help you through the juggle struggle.

Here’s my TOP THREE TIPS to help you through this:

TIP ONE – Block your hours

This means you cluster your tasks and block out a routine during work time. Monday mornings should be planning and team meetings. Tuesday and Thursday afternoons between 1 and 3 should be financials, pay bills, do pays etc. Fridays are marketing creative days.

Or whatever order you want. But find some structure and cluster your tasks otherwise you will keep switching between different tasks and overwhelm yourself.

Everytime you switch between tasks and back again, you use up some of your precious energy. By blocking these tasks and sticking to it, you will feel relief and need to use less energy.

This can even include cooking 5 dinners on a Sunday night so you can spend your weekday evenings hanging with your kids instead of thinking – crap what’s for dinner!!

Get organised, create a routine, and stick to it!!

TIP TWO – Book some you time

Find one night a week and ask hubby if you can take it off from him and the kids, and stick to the same night every single week. On that night (I used to call it DFNO – Designated Family Night Off) I would go to the movies on my own. Catch up with girlfriends. Read a book in a cafe.

But stick to it every single week, and claim it as your own girlfriend. You deserve the time off.

And start it from 4pm so you really don’t have to leave frazzled at 6 and find it hard to unwind. Claim your time!

TIP THREE – Outsource baby!

Let me guess – you do a little bit of everything in your business, but feel like you don’t do many of them well…! That’s because you are not supposed to! Whoever told you to wear ALL the hats in your business? Did you guess that yourself??!

Well you shouldn’t wear all the hats! It’s way too exhausting!

Instead, you should get really crystal clear on the tasks you LOVE to do, and are good at, and outsource the rest. Other coaches call it finding your “genius zone”. The things you excel at, and are naturally talented at. You’ll know them because they are the FIRST things you do every morning.

It’s the things you leave till last that are the ones we need to flick to someone else. You leave them to last because you HATE doing them! Outsource them baby!

But you say to me – no one else can do it like I do – or I don’t trust other people.

Well I say – stop being a control freak. Do you want to go to an early grave?! The only reason you will ignore my advice here is if you have a good old dose of control freakiness. So I would say – oh ok, you do it all mama, no worries. But if you get close to a nervous breakdown, maybe come back and listen to my advice then…!!

For those of you open to this – here’s my advice.

Write a list of the things you LOVE to do in your business. Then for 2 full business days, on a separate piece of paper, write down every task that you do inside your business, and the ones you should have done but didn’t. We want a list of all the things that need doing in your business.

Once you have your list, go through and highlight the things you love to do, and then with the rest of the list, start to cluster them into topics. Ie – graphic design work. Bookkeeping work. Basic admin chores work. Etc Etc.

Then start to find people who can do these parts of your business BETTER than you. For example, you need to do social posts every day, and interact with your followers, and it takes hours and you hate it. It’s a chore. So find someone like the girls both Nik and I use in our businesses to do the posts, images and interactions FOR YOU. Outsource it baby.

But I don’t have the budget you say – I simply can’t afford it.

What is the opportunity cost in your business growth you are missing out on, by spending hours every day doing things you hate. How far off the ball are your eyes? You are likely missing new products you could launch, new marketing ideas you could implement, new sales channels you should have considered.

How much are you SLOWING down your business by doing your own socials, instead of FOCUSSING on the things that you will GROW your business instead?

So go on, outsource it baby!

Lisa xx

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