Written By Lisa

Innovate your business using the latest technology, and free up your time!

Did you know that we are the most educated women in the history of the world? Yet conversely we are also the most exhausted and overwhelmed.

We are trying to be the home maker AND the provider. Somewhere in there we lose ourselves and our pathway to the best version of ourselves.

This might seem unfair and it probably is.

But what’s happened in the last 10 years, and its largely unknown and often overlooked by other business coaches, is that technology and new software has developed at such a rapid rate, that we now have access to astonishing time saving tools, at either free or cheap pricing, which can literally change our lives.

I have integrated this into both my businesses and my personal life. This is how I have whittled my work hours down to 10 hours a week.

And when I’m not working, I can assure you I’m also not cleaning my own home or doing tedious mundane activities. Instead I am doing things I love, like hanging with my daughter, or riding horses on the beach, shopping at farmers markets and cooking up a storm, going to the beach for mid week swims, or travelling.

I can do this in my life, because I UNDERSTAND and USE the power of this new technology to run my businesses.

You don’t need to be stressed or overwhelmed, or a mouse on a wheel. Instead, you can set up new  software to run parts of your business, and your personal life, so that your business can be more efficient (with lower overheads meaning more profit), it can scale in revenue upwards, as you decrease your work hours.

If you haven’t discovered the POWER of this automation, and are still running your business old school, you need to sit up and pay attention.

Find software to replace all repeat PROCESSES in your business, and focus ALL of your attention on one off PROJECTS which grow your business.

It will literally change your business AND your life.

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Lisa Kylie x