Written By Lisa

My Top Software Recommendations! (I can’t believe I’m giving this away for free!!)

One of the things I love to share with my clients is the top software I use to run my companies, and these are a big part of why I only work 10 hours a week, every week.

Well today I want to share these with you, in the hope you can use them too! Firstly, a caveat, I don’t earn any affiliate fees from any of these platforms. I just love them, and use them, and want to share them.

Firstly, I’d love you to understand that automation in your business is vitally important. Here’s what happens if you don’t automate parts of your business:

1. You earn less money (I mean, there is no need to get stuck doing admin every day when you should be focussing on SELLING!).
2. You work WAY more than you need to.
3. You get burnt out.

However, you can use software (often free and always cheap) to automate parts of what you do everyday. I feel like this is a secret that most business coaches don’t teach, its just not focussed on! If you use some of these software ideas inside your business, I guarantee that once its set up once, you will work far less, and you can do the 80/20 flip. Usually we get focussed on spending 80% of our time doing admin and operational tasks, and 20% of our time is spent bringing in income. Well, I am asking you to flip it on its head!!

Oh and I hear from clients that they are concerned that automation will mean they lose their customer connection. What if I said that in fact you can increase your customer connection and bond using automation??!!

So here are some of my favourite platforms:

1. Slack.com – This is a game changer. Its a FREE platform that allows you and your team to communicate about business projects and have conversations online, in one central place. You should NEVER use email to talk internally, if you are, you are wasting hours of your time every week. Simply convert your conversations over toย slack.com, upload documents, and manage projects from within your team on this awesome platform.

2. Loom.com – This is amazing software that I use inside my businesses to share video messages. If I want to create a training video for future new staff that might need to know how to do something, I do a video in loom (you can video your screen AND yourself in a second bubble), teaching the task, then save it to my computer or Vimeo account, and then I can share it in the future at any point. I also use it if I need to teach a client something, I can create them a short video of my talking, and sharing my screen, as I show them something. This is a FANTASTIC way to show your clients and your staff how professional you are, and have these saved so that you never need to repeat yourself again!!

3. Gsuite for email – Get your emails off your computer or website server. Set your emails up into the cloud using Gsuite (your own unique email and domain), and then access your emails using the gmail platform or app on your phone, wherever you are, on any device you are. NEVER lose your emails again if your website crashes, or your computer freezes. Allow your whole team to have their emails on the cloud, and manage them all remotely. My emails sync across all my devices so that if I send an email on my iPhone, its automatically uploaded to my computer and my iPad. Seamless emails, worth every cent and massively time saving.

4. Bonjoro.com – I welcome my new clients into our business by sending them a personalised video message. Our email platform syncs with our bonjoro platform, so I get a to do list of tasks each day from bonjoro, then I can do a short personalised video to each new client, hit send and it automatically emails to the client, and sends me a message when they have watched it! I love how quickly and easily this platform allows me to connect with my clients and offer a far more personalised service.

5. Infusionsoft – I use Infusionsoft for our automated email campaigns, and I highly recommend it. Otherwise you could use mail chimp, or Keap, or Active Campaign. Set up your emails once, and then forever they are automated!! Use this for all client on boarding too, so that its automated!

6. Xero and Receiptbank – You MUST automate your financial reporting, and there is no software better than Xero with the receiptbank app. Xero allows you to automatically sync your bank feeds straight into the platform (never pay a book keeper to do this for you again!), as well as all money that you spend, you can take a photo of the receipt in your receipt bank app, then it will automatically upload and reconcile in your Xero account!

There are many others I love, but these are a great place to start. If you’d like any help to select which software could radically improve your business and life, book in a free consult with me byย clicking here.

Lisa Kylie xx