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Lisa Jones

Lisa is a thought leader, mentor and expert on juggling E-commerce brand growth whilst being a mum.

She is available for keynote presentations, podcast interviews, guest writing and speaking opportunities.

Lisa talks fast, is all killer, no filler and tells her story in an engaging, down to earth tone, but with raw vulnerability and audiences find her extremely relatable.

Below is her short professional BIO and some examples of recent guest gigs she has done.

A successful entrepreneur for more than a decade

Lisa mixes practical business strategy with uncommon insights, and delivers this in an engaging and charismatic story.

She has built and sold 2 successful multi-million-dollar brands, winning prestigious Telstra Business Awards, and is now a self-confessed nerd about automation and efficiencies to make online businesses more profitable.

She co-founded Ecoriginals, the world’s most eco-friendly nappy brand and Australia’s most highly rated nappy brand as reviewed by the public. Her innovative approach to subscription based ecommerce selling, along with her approach to building the brand to be completely automated, allowed her to exit the company in late 2018 to focus on building her new brand, The Uncomplicate.

Lisa is Proud to be a Forbes Business Council Member

Guest Speaker

EcomWorld Conference
Women in Business
Go Far Fast Show
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In the press

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