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Accelerator program

From: $299.00 / week

For the forward thinkers, the innovators.
Membership in this program includes –

  • 2 hour onboarding deep dive with Lisa
  • 60 minute power coaching call with Lisa every fortnight
  • 2 x profiling tokens for business owners
  • Free tickets to our workshops
  • Unlimited email support
  • Support to build automation map for your business
  • Foundation Folder on commencement
  • Monthly work booklets
  • Monthly guest webinar
  • Access to our online video and resources
  • Access to our client only facebook group
Choose an option
Accelerator program - Weekly
$302.27 / week
Accelerator program - Fortnightly
$603.53 every 2 weeks
Accelerator program - Monthly
$1,210.09 / month

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