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Financial Success Program

$72.44 / week

Many small businesses find managing their financial reporting comes last on their list!! Inside this program, let Lisa and her team support you with up to date financial reporting and knowledge about your business to make the right decisions to grow and stay cashflow positive.

* Fortnightly book keeping on your Xero file, done by our inhouse Xero Silver Certified book keeper.
* Monthly 30 minute financial strategy call with Lisa where we will review your numbers inside Xero and Shopify to find meaningful patterns of sales growth, and where improvements can be made.
* Monthly financial report by our book keeper for your review.
* We will help you build your financial masterplan – a one stop shop excel document with all the information you need to know every month to make decisions about your business – where to grow, where to contract, where opportunities await. We will work with you to ensure this always remains updated and useful as a key way of understanding your success matrix.

For our beloved Hive members, we offer our “VIP Love” pricing of just $97 per week!!
This will be processed once by buying this product, then automatically billed using stripe weekly.

1. We have a minimum of 3 month commitment inside this program, but ideally you view it as an ongoing permanent program, in order to stay on top of your numbers and what they mean! If at any time you would like to cancel, after the first 3 months, simply give us 30 days notice to cancel.
2. Please note this program is ideal for micro businesses, sole traders and small businesses up to $750,000 in annual revenue. If you are over $750,000 in revenue, please contact us for a custom pricing as the fortnightly book keeping requirements would change.
3. The book keeping included inside this program will cover off normal reconciling and our in house book keeper will raise any questions to you on email to complete the reconciliation each fortnight. However it does not include accounts payable, PAYG or payroll. Please contact us if you would like those included and we can custom quote you a program.