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Reviews – The Uncomplicate

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What our clients say


Ariel Blackman, Bliss Birth

After just one session Lisa helped me change my whole business structure and my day to day life balancing business, part time work and motherhood. On our second call I was able to tell her (with happy tears) about how much my mental health has improved by putting in place the ideas and strategies she gave me. Before I felt really trapped, like I had to do everything myself and now I feel so excited for the future of my business and confidence that I can do this. She even had some happy tears with me, coaching doesn’t get much better than that!


Jenny Chen, Kingdom Playroom

Huge shoutout to Lisa Laing for her amazing tip that saved me so much $$$ in creating the marketing video for my product! 🙌

I was going to pay an agency $5000+ to shoot and create it, but during our coaching call she showed me a more budget way and I got it done for just $500 with a local videographer and a bit of DIY.

Sure, it doesn't look TV quality, but it's definitely good enough for my FB and YouTube ads, so I'm absolutely stoked!

Honestly, Lisa is the best investment I've made in my business, she has really good practical advice and I feel so much more confident with her as my mentor.

(This is NOT sponsored, I'm genuinely grateful to have found Lisa and she's already done wonders for my business in just two coaching calls.)


Paula Grant, Embracing Bella

Absolutely grateful I found you and your academy course!!! I am in awe that we are only part way through week 3 of the academy and you have already answered so many of my questions without me even saying a word. Your energy to help women, along with an easy step by step format has brought me from despair to empowerment over my future. The no fluff and bulls**t easy to follow tools have reinvigorated my passion to make my business dream work. I have never done a course where I’m so excited to get on the zoom calls to see what else I can learn. I believe women make great business owners, as we just want to get on with it and you allow us the knowledge to do that. Thank you.


Cassandra Jones, Mumma Jones (Mum Marketplace)

Lisa is a computer full of SO MUCH knowledge and the Academy reflects that. I absolutely love how real she is and her energy is infectious. Xx


Blessing Diana Chabvamurambo, Diana’s Closet (Clothing)

Absolutely love being part of the E-commerce Academy by Lisa. Lisa will work above and beyond to help you with your business. She is full of unique ideas and strategies that you can use to scale or grow. Not only that you also become a part of a community who will help you too and guide you. I highly recommend her course.


Mel Smith – Petal & Wood (Aromatherapy Oils)

I’ve done seminars, webinars, workshops, self help guides, online zoom conferences all dedicated to business and branding but I’ve never got it...until now. I believe what Lisa is teaching me because I can see it’s her truth. I’m finally building solid foundations for my brand to flourish and grow. I’m excited!


Steph Andrews, Ground Life Candles

Just want to say firstly that omg I absolutely love your energy. For years I've been in search of someone that I find just as inspiring as you. Your energy that you bring to the table from literally the first moment I saw your post in the LMBDW group to hearing the way you speak in our weekly zoom calls is unrivalled. I instantly connected to you and your story because even though I’m not a mum, I feel like I am kind of a mum to myself (I find self-care so important) so your outlook of creating a successful business without having to kill ourselves unnecessarily really resonated with me.

The information that you have shared so far in the course has been concise, simple but oh so effective. Being a small business owner literally doing everything myself has meant that I often find my head all over the place thinking of all the millions of things that I need to do daily. This course has helped me consolidate everything in my head to paper and literally is acting as my to-do list, but a to-do list where I know each and every thing that I work on will give me very specific outcomes.

You’re making me so excited to create the brand that I know I can create and I can’t wait to see how Grounded Life transforms by working with you in your course. Not even just saying this, but paying for this course has been the best use of my money!


Barbara, Stellah B Sustainables

Lisa is an excellent business coach. She combines strong positive energy, passion while looking after her clients with in-depth e-commerce knowledge. Highly recommend the one-on-one coaching.


Liz Csapo - Wild Warriors Clothing

Being coached by Lisa has helped me improve my performance + realise more of my potential. Lisa has enabled me to believe that I am allowed to be both a masterpiece + work in progress, simultaneously.

Lisa - Your humility, kindness + thoughtfulness enhance your natural authority. You have a real vision + you have exceptional talent to provide such a bold, creative, respectful environment to work with you within.

You have tailored your services to develop + nurture my business + personal goals.
I am excited to tie under your wing. It has been a pleasure to be coached by you. What a woman you are!! I encourage you, to take a moment Lisa. Understand the value you hold. x


Caroline Candusso - Papel Paper

At a time when we small businesswomen are inundated with various courses I just wanted to say that I keep returning to your videos. I actually go out of my way to rewatch them so I can hear them better. They are really authentic, informative. I really enjoy them.


Pauline Collings, Winestoppers Australia

I can absolutely recommend Lisa Laing.

I am working with Lisa at the moment she is not only the loveliest person and truly invested in you and your business, she knows her stuff and thinks outside the box - motivational and strategic!


Allie, Bad Dad Designs

I just wanted to reach out and thank you for taking the time to have a chat with me last week. You gave me a lot to think about by vocalising some of the things I had been potentially avoiding. But you also gave me pointers, I find a lot of people will freely hand out critical evaluation but not often you get little titbits that help you overcome the issues! Since we chatted on Thursday I have fully redone my website. It's nowhere near perfect but it's a lot closer than it was last week. Thanks so much for your time and for being genuine!


Debra Rodrigues, Lucy Jean Conscious Clothing

Best investment ever!!

Working with Lisa has been such an eye opener - she's been so helpful and I can't wait to see the things we can achieve together going forward!


Zoe Zapparoli, Earth Elements

Strategic business fire mixed with humanness, heart and love…

Lisa's approach to coaching is an epic fusion of strategic business fire mixed with humanness, heart and love. I've experienced Lisa's approach to be bold, relatable, actionable and tailored to the growth points of where I'm at. It is igniting the greater vision of my business and life and taking the overwhelm out the next steps to achieve it. She embodies what I want to create in the next 5-10 years in terms of financial success and family balance and is helping me expand my relationship to possibility. Thank you, Lisa, for guiding me to more freedom in my life.


Fiona Mclean , Wombat + Roo

I am really enjoying working with Lisa, she is helping me connect the dots and move forward in my business. A no bull approach to get you moving. I wish I started with Lisa sooner.


Leanne Dodd, Anam Activewear

I've only been working for Lisa for a short period of time but the difference she's already made to my business is amazing. I signed up with Lisa because I loved her no BS approach & strategic thinking. I've worked with many 'business coaches' before who have been great cheerleaders but haven't been great at applying logic. Lisa is pushing my business to the next level. Best investment my business has made.


Meghan Kurts-Forrester - Ceo Evohe Natural Skin Care

Lisa's wisdom came at just the right time for me, when it was really tough getting the motivation to work in my business every day. Lisa and I worked one on one for a few months, she asked a thousand questions and shared a lot of information and resources. She helped me to put out fires inside my business and really repair my leaky boat! This lady doesn't muck around, she gets in and gets it done. I loved how quickly I saw results in my business and turned things around. On top of all that she is a great listener and has a very balanced sense of wisdom. Through working with her I've been able to steer my ship in the direction I really wanted to go (instead of following outdated ideas from when I first started the business 10 years ago). I now enjoy more free time and less stress due to decreasing my expenses and increasing my own salary! I feel inspired, creative and on purpose again.


Fiona Sheridan - Sourdough Business Pathways

Lisa has been a delight to work with and an inspirational speaker within our business community. She has a deep knowledge of her subject matter and an infectious enthusiasm that engages her audiences and helps them to understand how they can work smarter to reduce their hours and improve their bottom line through automation. Lisa has also been giving back to the community through her mentorship of a number of our mentees, all of whom have reaped great benefits from her insights. We are lucky to have someone of Lisa's calibre available and I do not hesitate to recommend Lisa as a speaker and a business strategist.


Mandy Van Zanen and Andrew Taylor - Spudfit

Finding Lisa was a perfect example of 'when the student is ready, the teacher appears'. My husband and I have been going around in circles in our business for several years, full of drive, energy and determination, and knowing we were onto something, but wasting SO much energy on things that (in hindsight, of course!) didn't matter and generally sending all of our resources (time, money, energy) in the wrong direction. Furthermore, because this meant our cashflow was unreliable and unpredictable (often to the point of non-existent) we were operating from a state of panic, leading to worse decisions.

Along came Lisa - and I'm not trying to sound melodramatic - but literally in a couple of sentences (of the free call) TOTALLY changed our mindset, and immediately following the conversation we had our best month of sales ever - as in we made our January target in the four days before January even began!

She quickly and completely saw our situation for what it is, identified what was holding us back, and delivered this to us in plain, simple terms without judgement but with total honesty. Suddenly we knew what we had to do; we had the confidence back in our business concept and ourselves, and we knew how better to reach and serve our customers. It has changed everything and we can't recommend her highly enough.


Troy Potter - Insight Business Sales

Lisa is not your average business consultant who has a deep understanding of the challenges faced by business owners in our era of digital disruption. She is not only thoughtful about how she can help her clients meet the challenges but also how they can be proactive and benefit from their changing business environment. I meet a lot of business coaches, not many of which meet Lisa's high standard and practical approach to business improvement. I don't hesitate to recommend Lisa to business owners serious about committing to considered improvement strategy.


Tracey Hamilton - Aged Care Made Easy

Lisa is amazing. She came into our small business and helpedintroduce lots of strategies. She looked in from the outside andmade great observations of were we could improve and simplifyand systemise our procedures, I would highly recommend Lisa.She is totally professional and totally knows her stuff.


Melanie Colling - Experts on Air

Lisa is an inspirational and passionate entrepreneur and speaker, who engages her audience using a mix of enthusiasm, experience and her own personal story. Lisa dares people to dream big, design and live 'their' life & set their own rules. She also provides practical advice on working smarter through the use of systems, tools and processes & gives practical advice & guidance on how others can implement the same in their businesses. She has wisdom beyond her years on business, life and spirit!


Scott Braithwaite - Cornerstone Construction

We are really impressed with Lisa's relaxed but confident business coaching style, and we are now well under way to transforming our business. Keeping it lean, and keeping our goals laser focused. Uncomplicate, this is what Lisa does! Lisa has provided clear strategies on the core elements of the business to help concentrate our efforts on achieving our list of goals. Clear, big picture thinking with day to day action points. Lisa has also provided some great key contacts as well for our business. Each fortnightly coaching session is structured in a way that maximises these clear and tangible outcomes. We work through the priority list and the unlimited phone and her email support is consolatory given how lonely we can all get in small business operations from time to time! We highly recommended Lisa & The Uncomplicate!


Vanessa Florence - Founder Dancing Eros

Lisa is the woman I've been waiting for. I haven't taken up a mentor or coach for a few years now as i just haven't felt that spark of what i really needed. Lisa is switched on emotionally and spiritually and she has a wealth of knowledge, amazing mentors herself and the business success that backs it all up. Most coaches have only 1 or 2 of those things but not all of them. I immediately feel more clear and inspired after one session with her and am so excited to have her on my side supporting me in what I do.


Zapheria Bell - Love & Intimacy Mentor

Lisa held such an incredibly judgement free zone for me to really look at the truth of my financial situation and to change my mindset from hiding with my head in the sand to excitement of what is truly possible when I can be honest with myself. I made big shifts in my outgoings that made instant changes and the new focus on my income has already made positive shifts in the right direction. I'm so grateful for the sessions and my renewed approach to my finances.


Mel Colling - Faciliator Ilab Accelerator Programs

Lisa is an inspirational and passionate entrepreneur and speaker, who engages her audience using a mix of enthusiasm, experience and her own personal story. Lisa dares people to dream big, design and live 'their' life & set their own rules. She also provides practical advice on working smarter through the use of systems, tools and processes & gives practical advice & guidance on how others can implement the same in their businesses. She has wisdom beyond her years on business, life and spirit!


Roger & Kaitlin - Flik Hair Extensions

Lisa has been an absolute pleasure to work with. Throughout the entire process she has been patient, helpful and extremely informative. Her experience has been of excellent value to us, from creating structure to our business, cost saving techniques, while giving us all the tools to help us in reaching our goals. She is extremely punctual, keeps on top of everything and always finding ways to enhance and improve every part of our business - in ways we never imagined! Her wealth and knowledge is of high value to any business and would highly recommend Lisa to any anyone! She is not just knowledgeable but very approachable and friendly which makes the process so much easier and enjoyable. You have no idea how much more you can achieve until you meet with Lisa. Do yourself a favour and reach out to her today!