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Stop Finding New Traffic and Convert What You Already Have!

I joke that facebook ads are like playing the pokies. You have as much chance of being certain of an outcome of the pokies….well almost as much!!!

You’re obsessing over your ROAS on your Facebook Ads, and disappointed that the algorithm seems to have changed in the last month and your ads aren’t being seen by nearly as many people, yet your ad spend is still up.

It’s causing you sleepless nights, putting your hand into your hip pocket to spend money your brand doesn’t have, to grow sales you need!!

Welcome to the club of E-com brands desperate for sales!!!

Shall I share my 3 tips here?

Focus on converting the traffic you already have.

Now this doesn’t work for brand new businesses with no traffic, but if you are getting more than a few hundred hits a month anyway, this could work for you.

Many of my clients burn through cash driving traffic to a poorly performing website.

How good is your website? If you are under 2% conversion rate, not great to be honest. You would be better spending your time and money on your website and improving its copy / imagery / design to enhance your conversion rate. If you take your conversion from 1 to 2% you effectively double your sales numbers without driving a single extra person to your website!!!

Such an underutilised tool!

Can you generate Traffic from other sources without ad spend?

What would happen if you didn’t spend ANY money on cold, top of funnel Facebook ads and instead focussed on generating traffic via User Generated Content?

This means you have relationships and collaborations with your Brand Ambassadors, influencer friends and other brands and you create content to share that drives traffic to your website without any spend.

Genius, isn’t it?!

If you are going to spend money on ads, focus on Warm Ads.

Instead of spending the bucks on cold traffic generation, instead use your precious dollars to look at your warm traffic. Bring ads up for people who have visited your website, who have abandoned their carts, and those that interact with you on social media.

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Lisa xx


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