Written By Lisa

What the heck is “Cloud Integration”?

What the heck is “Cloud Integration” and should I be scared or excited by it?

Lets talk cloud integration for a moment. How do you identify which software to use in your business? Are you excited by the technology coming or scared by it? Is your business going to adapt and thrive, or be a late adopter and risk becoming a dinosaur?

In my opinion, theres two main reasons you should consider being innovative and using cloud based solutions. The first is a great reason – to save money. Every single client I work with saves more money inside their business AFTER we have signed up to new software, without it costing them any additional funds. The software solutions available now are low cost, and super efficient. Most businesses can save money by reducing wages, and creating more efficient systems than they currently employ. Why not let a computer reduce your overheads, while allowing your business to grow?

Which brings me to point two. The other reason you should consider new software is that it allows your business to grow and scale. Most businesses are hampered by manual processes on some level, which hold up sales growth. For a business to truly grow in a consistent and stable revenue trajectory, the business must have automation on repeat processes. Once efficient, cloud based software is running parts of the business, the business management team can focus on new business development activities instead of constantly putting out fires inside the business.

But then you say to me – its confusing, and overwhelming, I just don’t know where to start! And you would be right on some level, there is an ENORMOUS number of cloud based solutions and its growing exponentially each year. Thats because this is the future of how we should be running our businesses, and all the new software solutions are a godsend. Need a scheduling platform built just for hairdressers? No problem. Want a financial forecasting tool just for food manufacturers? Done. Each year more and more industry specific software is released, making your job of building your business so much easier!!

So where do you start? I think the first thing to understand is that you could try and figure it out on your own, but you would be likely to get some things wrong. Pick the right inventory platform for your accounting platform to talk to, but then find it doesn’t talk to your website?! Frustrating and expensive. This is where you need an expert to help you transition into this painlessly.

3 years ago there was no such thing as a “Cloud Integrator”. Now there is a growing number of experts out there who can help you to map out your business processes and flows, and identify which cloud based software can automate your business. I call it Automation Mapping, where I build out a plan so every part of your business has a software solution that all talk to each other!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending a Cloud Integration Certification Day, run by the founders of SMB Consultants and Tradiepad. Both of these businesses are built to be Cloud Integration experts. And this is what we specialise in here at The Uncomplicate. We “Uncomplicate” your business, and automate your processes so that you as the business owner can spend more time with your family, and earn more money inside the business.

Lisa xx