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What You Do To Give Back – The Uncomplicate

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What You Do To Give Back

One of my mentors once said to me – a business that only focuses on profit, will never be truly successful. But businesses that have a purpose greater than profit, well they are the truly successful businesses.

It got me to thinking – how many businesses consider social or moral responsibility as part of the purpose of their business. What good is your business doing to this planet? Or to people’s lives? Or does your business support a trend towards the greater good?

Or perhaps your business is actively involved in charity.

I consider these points to be really important in business, and something that we should all be considering.

These days they even have a name for this – a “woke brand”.

This can also include my other passion – eco and ethical manufacturing!

If your business has heart, and compassion, you will be more attractive to the right staff. You will be considered well in your community or industry. You will form relationships with other business and industry people, including media.

If you stay greedy, surely your luck will one day run out. I’d like to think so anyway.

Lisa x

P.S If you don’t know this about me – I have given years of my spare time to charities, including spear heading an entire movement to raise funds for a town in drought – this included more than $120k cash raised and 23 semi-trailers of feed sent to this town. You can watch me on the news here:

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