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Why you should avoid relying on Facebook Ads! (and how to stop wasting money here!).

You’ve started an online brand but scratch your head each day wondering why you aren’t getting enough sales….

You KNOW your product is great, but you can’t quite figure out how to get everyone else to see that and buy from you. You sit there and hit refresh on your app every 5 minutes to see if there’s been any new sales…

You pay money every month to an agency to manage your FB ads, but you have noticed a sharp decline lately in sales and ROAS. You aren’t alone!!!

I’ve been there too. But I built a couple of million-dollar brands, and I have some tips to help you!

Hack # 1 –

If you are generating less than $10k per month in sales, it’s dangerous to base your traffic solely on FB ads. In fact, it’s unlikely you will have enough income to cover ads management and ad spend.

Instead, focus on free or low-cost traffic generating activities. Think cross brand collaborations, media, influencers, social giveaways and other strategies. In fact, we have a whole section of my program – The Academy – based on strategies to help you drive sales, without relying on the beast that is Facebook!!

Hack # 2 –

Chances are you have some organic traffic already coming to your website every month. Did you know that your conversion rate is likely to be something like 1-2%, which means that for every 100 people that hit your website, around 99 of those will leave again without buying!

Isn’t that horrifying!!! So, inside The Academy we focus on strategies to convert more of that traffic into sales, and share with you many hacks to get that traffic and drive it back to your website to buy!

Hack # 3 –

Spend your dollars on warm traffic nurturing instead. Rather than throwing money at cold traffic generation, and then having those leads walk about the back door again, focus on how to re-ignite warm traffic and turn them into sales. AND, with a similar theme, focus on how to WOW the pants off anyone who does buy from you, turning them into repeat customers and advocates of your brand! That’s less money you need to spend on cold traffic!!

For more hacks and strategies like this, join us inside The Academy – a world leading E-commerce program for women just like you! This 12-week program will change your business forever – and arm you with tools to understand how to grow your brand and pay yourself first.


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